Joe Mesmar is a Canadian techno artist and music producer. He is known for his energetic and captivating music that blends techno and house genres to create a unique sound. His latest music release, "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand," has been making waves in the music industry, with several chart-topping tracks in Europe.

Latest Music Release: "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand"

Joe Mesmar's latest music release, "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand," showcases his unique blend of techno and house music. "Born to be Free" is a high-energy track with a driving bassline that sets the tone for the entire song. The track is full of energy, with a steady beat that keeps the listener hooked from beginning to end.

"Blood & Sand," on the other hand, is a darker and more intense track. It features a heavy bassline and ominous synths that create a feeling of tension and anticipation. The track builds slowly, with the intensity growing as it progresses. Both tracks have received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, with many praising Joe Mesmar's ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

Chart-Topping Success on Spotify

Joe Mesmer  latest music release has been a huge success on Spotify. Both "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand" have charted all over Europe, with many tracks reaching the top 10 in several countries. This success is a testament to the quality of Joe Mesmar's music and his ability to connect with audiences across different regions.

Joe Mesmar's label Minds Of Sin Records

Joe Mesmer is the founder  is the founder of Minds Of Sin Records, a techno and house music label based in Montreal, Canada. The label is home to some of the best techno and house music artists from around the world, and it has been instrumental in promoting the genre in Canada and beyond.

Minds Of Sin Records was founded in 2012, and it has since become one of the most respected techno and house music labels in the industry. The label has released several chart-topping tracks and albums, and it has helped launch the careers of many up-and-coming artists. Minds Of Sin Records is known for its commitment to quality and its dedication to promoting techno and house music to a wider audience.

Joe Mesmar's Influences and Inspiration

Joe Mesmar's music is heavily influenced by techno and house music legends such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, and Green Velvet. He has also cited his experiences growing up in Canada as a significant source of inspiration for his music. Joe Mesmar's music often reflects the energy and vibrancy of the Canadian music scene, with its diverse mix of cultures and musical genres.

Joe Mesmar's Instagram and Spotify

Joe Mesmar is an active user of social media, and  Joe Mesmer insta is the perfect place to keep up with his latest music releases and performances. His Instagram account is filled with behind-the-scenes footage from his studio, as well as pictures and videos from his live performances.

 Joe Mesmar's Spotify page is the best place to listen to his latest music releases. Fans can listen to "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand" on his page, as well as several other tracks from his extensive discography.


Joe Mesmer is the rising star in the techno and house music industry, and his latest music release "Born to be Free" and "Blood & Sand" has cemented his place as one of the most exciting artists to watch out for. With his unique blend of techno and house music, Joe Mesmar has been able to capture the attention of audiences across Europe and beyond. His label Minds Of Sin Records is also making waves in the industryords is also making waves in the industry